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Exhibitions, Performances, Installations and Projects



"Light, Shadow and Sounds", an installation in the Melkweg in Amsterdam.



"A Radio-Night", broadcasting a night on Dutch national radio, Hilversum.



"Swinging Steel, a Rare Encounter", choreography performed by building cranes on the building site on the Amsterdam Opera and City hall broadcasted on Dutch television, at Montevideo in Amsterdam, 't Hoogt in Utrecht, at the RAI Art Fair and on the Kölnische Kunstverein in Germany.



"Bending iron", a ballet performed by nine harbour cranes at the Azië Kade in Amsterdam West.



Broadcasting of "Bending Iron" in six countries in Europe, in the United States, in Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia.



"Un(ie)titled", the concealment and unveiling of the recreated famous Cafe 'De Unie', a design of De Stijl architect J.J.P. Oud in Rotterdam. A submission of the Rotterdam Art Foundation and Final-Exam-project at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.



"Time Seeking Circles", a time machine with a height of 38 and a width of 75 meters, an installation on the square in front of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam during 'Amsterdam Cultural Capitol of Europe'. At the opening the Philharmonic Orchestra performed 'Time' conducted by Louis Andriessen.



September 13th my son was born 



The making of "Time Seeking Circles", a documentary shown at the NFF and Cannes Film Festival in France.



"Spira Spera", an pneumatic tower Installation in the monumental building 'De Waag' in Leiden.



"Spring Tide City", a monumental wave built out of 80 sea-containers and 38 reels, creating a spring up to a height of 

30 meters. The main attraction during the festival Antwerp River City of Belgium.



"Bridging Tunnels and Other Machines", during the opening of the circular road round the city of Amsterdam 150 road construction machines and cranes danced a choreography on the highway, in a tunnel, on an island and over a bridge.



Large screen projection of "Swinging Steel" and "Time Seeking Circles" at the Université d"Architecture de l"University de Geneva, Switzerland.


Television Interview and broadcasting of "Bridging Tunnels" on Metropolis TVE Madrid in Spain.



"Dance of the Cradles", an assignment of and design for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sidney, Australia.



"Arch-imago", an installation with 1500 large scale slides projected on moving screens and the wooden floor of the former Stock Exchange built by architect H.P. Berlage, designed for the celebration of "150 years of the Bond of Dutch Architecture.



"Flight of the Blue Birds", a performance in which windpipes played by jazz musicians are calling a blue angel playing a piccolo who stride towards them over the water, challenged by blue kites flying high and low over the shallow waters, finally provoking large jets of water to break the dyke and return the land (called the Blue Chamber) back to the River Maas.



"The Song of a Continuous Motion", an installation of 99 computer stirred and amplified round cement mixers filled with glass marbles, plastic forks and copper tubes in which each string of mixers played its own song.


Concerts being performed together with Mischa Mengelberg and Harry the With.



"A Frame of Mind", an exhibition held in the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, organised by the International Female Movement during the celebration of 75 years female voting rights in The Netherlands.



"It is 5 o"clock and the market is closed", a 12 hours during "recycling" performance with actors, dancers, musicians 

and sprinkled scattering white sand in circles on the "Grote Markt, the central square in Groningen.


Exposition of small scale work made out of metal, eggshells, clay and photographs in Gallery De Genieloods in Aalsmeer.



"Shadow in Ice", an exhibition at the Curtin University for Technique and Design in Perth, Australia.



An installation with condominiums in motion representing 10 meter high buildings in a map built out of flowers and green fields on a test island constructed at the waterfront of ‘Het IJ’, in preparation for the new district IJburg on the outskirts of Amsterdam.



"The Wire Reel Game", designed for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and played by 76 of their members in The Hague.



"Floating Islands", an installation with scissor shaped cranes as a metaphor for the to be built skyscrapers on an artificial island in the River "t IJ in Amsterdam, now called Zeeburg.



A trophy called "Paper blowing in the Wind" made out of brass and Perspex, manufactured for a special occasion at the Ministry of Justice.



An Advertising Campaign for the daily Newspaper NRC on billboards and in magazines distributed through The Netherlands.



"A Woman in Waves", a group of 21 large sculptures formed in waves, made out of terrazzo and one out of stone with a picture of a woman stretching herself out of these waves, placed on the grounds of the Prison for the International Tribunal in The Hague.



"From Street to Avenue, De Malielaan", a square with trees growing out of wooden terraces, bamboo bushes and a pond with a computer stirred fountain.


1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002

Stage design for The Deaf Languish Competition held in De Doelen in Rotterdam



"My Soul is my Beauty ……”, an installation of large scale film projections of 86 newly filmed theatre acts out of Hamlet and Memphisto, parts of theatre plays of Werner Schwab etc. to be seen on the windows of the facade and the pillars of a "hidden church" now in use by the famous Dutch Theatre Company The Trust in Amsterdam.



"City Sounds", design for a concert surrounding and directing of three concerts in a factory hall during the "Over het IJ Festival".


2004 - 2005

Sabbatical because of illness



Exhibition of "For my Mother", a sculpture made of concrete and stone.



Exhibition "Azul Macauba", a sculpture of blue stone with a polished figure on the surface.



Actors Tables, the realisation of 24 specially designed unique customised tables featuring Dutch actors on their surface, for the Movie Art House at the Westergas Fabriek.



"Sounds", conductor of a concert of special sounds, performed by 11 students of Architecture in a large round building called "the Gashouder" (Gas-holder) in Amsterdam.


*1986 - 2018 see below



“A-Coustic’” (Over Cirkels), an installation of 2 by 2 


*1986 - 2018

Teacher at different Academies like The Rietveld Art Academy, The Dutch Academy for Film and Television, The Academy of Architecture, The Berlage Institute, Technical University Delft, Université d"Architecture de l"University de Geneva, Curtin Technical University in Perth.

Committee Member at different Cultural Foundations for example at The Dutch Film Foundation.

Attendant for individual students of Art or Architecture studying for their Master degree.

External examiner during several graduation exams.

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